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SHSO Narcotics Interdiction Team


The St. Helena Parish Narcotics Interdiction Team's mission is to target, disrupt, and dismantle drug trafficking organizations and pursue street level banning through the cooperative effort of Local, State and Federal Agencies.                                  

          "Our Team"   

Capt. Jack Spring
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Sheriff Nathaniel "Nat" Williams is responsible for creating  the first Narcotics Team in the history of St. Helena Parish.  This team was made possible by a Department of Justice multi-year grant which funds entery level salaries for three years and then the sheriff's offce must fund the fourth year.  The grant offers a three pronged approach.

1.  The officers patrol the state and local highways searching for drug traffickers who pass through our arish in order to by-pass state and federal teams stationed along Interstates 12, 10 and 55.

2.  The officers will work street level traffic which handles dealers hanging out on corners, and selling drugs from vehicles and homes.

3.  The officers will work with churches, community leaders and the general public to respond to problem areas.

In preparation for this assignment, these officers not only have completed POST, but also completed the latest training in drug interdiction.

Further, a grant for laptop computers were provided along with parish wide mobile internet service to access technology such as ThinkStream which provides field officers critical information from multiple data sources in a single search from their units.

Partnering with surrounding parish sheriff's offices, LA State Police and Federal Drug Enforcement Agents, Sheriff Williams is addressing the most important social and law enforcement problem in this parish....illegal drugs.


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