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The purpose of the St. Helena Parish Sheriff's Office is to serve and protect the persons and property in St. Helena Parish and to enforce the laws of Louisiana and the United States of America.

St. Helena Parish Sheriff's Office Chief of Operations, Michael Martin is responsible for the day to day operations of the Uniformed Road Deputies who provide the foundation for all law enforcement efforts of the St. Helena Parish Sheriff's Office.  The dedicated highly motivated men and women assigned to the Operation's Division perform the most visible and recognizable functions of the sheriff's office.

A Road Deputy is responsible for investigating all types of criminal activity, making required comprehensive reports and filing appropriate charges in an attempt to deter criminal activity.  They apprehend violators and target potential hazardous activities and areas for enhanced enforcement efforts.  Road Deputies respond to and investigate traffic accidents and issue citations in an attempt to make our roads safer.

Deputies work 12 hour shifts which run from 6 to 6.  Each shift has an "A" and "B" rotation with a Sergeant and Detective over each rotation.  "A" shift is supervised by Aron Burton with Gary Cannon as its Detective.  On "B" shift we have Jerome Hookfin supervising with Sheila Hookfin as the Detective on duty. The newest member of the detective team, Laurie Sibley, rotates as needed.

The deputies patrol 409 square miles of St. Helena Parish and serve over 10,000 citizens. They also respond to fire calls, rescue calls, citizens complaints and assist persons in need.  They are always willing to go the extra mile to help a citizen in need or answer a citizen's question.

The St. Helena Parish Sheriff's Office substations are strategically located throughout the parish in order to best serve our community.

Substations are currently located on Hwy 16 in Pine Grove and Hwy 43 in Easleyville.




Michael Martin
Chief of Operations

The South substation has holding cells and is located on Hwy 16 next to the Grand Paradise Casino.  It was built in 2004 entirely through donations gathered by Wayne McMorris.

The North substation is located on the corner of Hwys 38 and 43. It was opened in July of 2008.





 St. Helena Parish Road Deputies

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