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Child Abuse

It's OK to Tell

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It's about
Preventing Abuse!


 There are four major forms of child abuse:                                             


1.  Physical Abuse: 

Injuring a child on purpose by hitting, kicking, shaking, throwing, shoving, burning, pinching, pulling hair, or whipping.

2.  Sexual Abuse:

Any sexual act between a person and a child, such as making a child look at or touch private parts of a body, or touching or taking pictures of a child's private parts. (Private parts are any part of the body normally covered by a swimsuit.)

3.  Neglect: 

Not taking care of a child's physical needs, such as failing to give a child clean clothes; enough food; medical care; or a safe, clean place to live.

4.  Emotional Abuse:

Screaming and yelling, and telling a child things like he or she is bad or worthless.





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